Nearshore Staff Augmentation

We can help you to find the best developers to work on your project. Reduce total costs of recruitment while securing the best talent. Keep full control of the process and the quality of your project

Reduce costs

We can help you to keep quality to reasonable costs.

Modern stacks

Get developers in new technologies (Mobile and Web).

Our hiring process

We can ensure the resources available to work quickly.


Identify requirement

We trying to understand all the problem that you need to solve in your business to build really useful applications.

Source candidates

We will use our source of candidates to start a process of skills verifications for the specific project.

Choose and screen

We do some interviews and show you some options. You choose in every moment.

Hire and start

One time you have chosen, we start a process to hire.

Hire developers in modern technologies

Our team is constantly learning about modern web and mobile technologies

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