iOS and Android applications

Cinemark: Mobile applications for more than 4 countries

We helped improve sales to Cinemark through native mobile applications. The goal was the improvement of UX and checking of business rules of the company. Learn more about how we achieved this.

iOS and Android Applications

Boomerang Bike: Mobile App for bicycle anti-theft

Boomerang’s CycloTrac is a highly sophisticated system with four key components: the Device, the Cloud, the App, and the Dashboard. The CycloTrac device goes on the bike, where it transmits data to a server in the Cloud, which displays that data in the App on your phone and on the Dashboard you can view on your computer.

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iOS and Android applications

IoTini: connect IoT devices and collect data

You can connect your IoT devices and configure it easily. Then you can start to receive data and save it on the cloud.

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