Meet the Team

We try to get the client involved in the process as much as possible to ensure we
deliver the best possible product.

We learn from our clients about theirs business process and in the way we help them to improve it.

Fabián León CEO

Fabián is an Entrepreneur and Software Engineer with a wide experience developing mobile apps and web apps for several startups and companies.

He has been playing roles in the tech industry since 2011, roles such as Senior Software Developer, FullStack Developer and CTO, Currently he is the CEO at SunDevs Inc.

He is some of the most funny guys in the office, he really knows how to make great jokes and keep the team happy.

Juán D. Apolinar Lead Designer

Juan is the creator and designer at SunDevs inc. He has a wide experience designing mobile apps and web sites.

He likes the photography, is the guy who always ask you for a selfie no matter where are you.

He is a person with whom you can start a conversation of any topic and he will always know how to respond with arguments, he lives on alert for everything that happens in the world.

Diego Apolinar CTO

Diego is a Software Engineer with great experience and avid interest in Mobile Application Development.

He considers himself to be a kind of geek, passionate about technology, movies, anime, videogames, animals and soccer.

Douglas Poveda iOS Developer

Douglas is a talented quick learner, he is currently an iOS developer.

He is a machine learning enthusiast.

He always enjoys the pleasure of reading a good book.

Juber Patiño iOS Developer

Nobody belives him when he says his name is Juber, He is the youngest of the iOS Developers at the company, he quickly learned to code and he´s now responsible for several of the most beautiful iOS apps of our customers.

He loves to play soccer, sometimes he plays as a defender but his best position is the Goalkeeper, You will not believe how this guy flies to the corners like a spider.

Gustavo Forero Android Developer

Gustavo is a Software Engineering student, he is a technology lover, with broad knowledge in software development, especially in desktop and mobile applications, he always implements good practices to produce clean, high quality code in order to keep projects scalable and maintainable.

He currently works as an Android Developer, he is recognized for his skills as a leader in projects.

Alejandro Peña Back-end

Alejandro is a Software Engineer with a wide experience in Web development and RESTful Web Service APIs.

There isn't any day in which he doesn't take out a nice smile :).

He likes to play football and work while listening to music.

Jorge Trujillo QA

Jorge is a passionate software developer

He gained two years of experience in the field of Health, after which he became part of the Quality Assurance Team in SunDevs Inc. He wishes to become a great developer.

In his spare time, he likes to watch Japanese Animation Series, or Anime for short, Gundam is among his favorite

Armando Castillo QA

As a Software Engineer he’s always looking for ways to create something that will impact everyone’s daily life for the better.

His life routine always follows world-saving customs, commuting to work by bicycle for example.

He dreams of becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg, revolutionizing the world with a groundbreaking idea.

Fabián Rodríguez Front-End Developer

Fabián is a software developer that supports the team in the front-end area. He is a generator of ideas and a full-time visionary.

At the age of 13 he interrupted his desire to become a philosopher and decided to transform his ideas into code.

He drinks a glass of cold water every morning!

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