Software solutions for movie theaters who want to achieve excellence

Increasing sales channels effectively for movie theaters is hard. Our solutions consist of creating native mobile applications and flows that allow users to buy tickets easily.

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Our applications are redefining the way that it's possible to manage a movie theater

We have built solutions that able to solve some common problems in the management of a movie theater: status of technology used and the knowledge of incidents.

Services status

Our monitoring tools allow you to know the web services status and resolve it quickly

Control of incidences

Management of incidents in movie theaters can be easy. You can avoid loss of info

Kwnoledge in time

Instant notifications are the best solution about management of problems to solve

How we can help you to increase your sales?

Currently, people are using more than websites to buy tickets, they are using mobile apps - and for a good experience, using a mobile application correctly can be the main factor to increase sales through this channel.

Do you need high availability of services?

We provide solutions to keep your services with high availability. We have created tools to monitor the status of servers and web services, allowing you to know how to respond at all times.

Do you have a great idea?

We can deliver it properly