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Recommend clients with SunDevs

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SunDevs Partner Referral Program

Refer new clients to Sundevs and earn a monthly rate of 10% of the project value.

 SunDevs vision is to connect thousands of talented developers in Latin America by helping them land better jobs at the fastest growing and most challenging startups in the United States and Canada.

Startups need talents to help them create better products, lower costs, increase sales, and think outside the box. SunDevs has a community of more than 1,000 developers available to work in 48 hours

Why join the Partner Program?

This program is designed for code academies, recruiters and software development agencies, who want to grow and expand their offer, accumulating experience with SunDevs, if you are looking to accelerate your growth, we want to help you.

How many times have you rejected a request from your client just because you had no developers available at the time? Or because the requested technology was not your main experience? Never say ‘No’ to your customers, offer an alternative solution. You’d be amazed at how easy it is with SunDevs.

Close more offers

Win more opportunities, we make sure to introduce you to a group of candidates within 48 hours of the recruitment process. (before the termination of the contractual and confidentiality processes)

Generate new leads

Grow your client list in other markets, we can build teams that work in time zones that are convenient for you, be it the United States and Canada.

Retain clients

Enhance the customer experience, we assign a customer success manager to each account for 24/7 availability to meet your needs and requirements.


 Interested in these initiatives?

To learn more and/or apply, simply complete this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or contact us at:

+ (1) 561-247-6965

[email protected]

SunDevs Inc Maintains Perfect 5.0-Star Ratings and Reviews Average on Clutch

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Here at SunDevs Inc, we understand the importance of turning around a quality product in an affordable, quick, and high-quality manner. Nearshoring has garnered attention in recent years because of the cultural and geographic proximity, the enthusiastic workforce, potential tax savings, ability to work longer hours in the same time-zone, and more. We’ve been a hub of software developers seeking to nearshore software development for years, and have maintained a perfect 5.0-star rating on Clutch!

Clutch is the world’s preeminent ratings and reviews platform. Located steps away from the American Capitol in the heart of Washington D.C., Clutch has a dedicated team of analysts who conduct interviews with independently verified clients from all the corners of the world. Then, their team of editors curates and edits the content in the form of case studies, so that you can feel confident in the reviews you read and understand your B2B service provider. Clutch is the gold standard of B2B service providers ratings and reviews, and you should never hire a B2B service provider without checking them out first.

That’s why we love to highlight and emphasize our perfect 5.0-star reviews on Clutch! In a recent interview, the CTO of San Jose, California based Iotini reviewed our mobile app development work on iOS and Android for their IoT Solution Company. In the review, they describe how every application we delivered has exceeded all expectations and requirements! They discuss how we’re committed to our work, communicate responsively, and have become a valuable partner to their firm.

“With the help of SunDevs Inc, we always achieve what we set out to do.” ~ CTO, Iotini

In another review, the Director of Miami Florida-based Leapfactor, Sergio Loewenberg, described our app development for his business SaaS firm. He talked about how our solution successfully met specifications with minimal issues or required oversite, emphasizing how our adherence to milestones, efficient problem-solving process, and reliable internal management ensured a functional product.

“SunDevs did a good job of estimating and delivering tested code.” ~ Director of Leapfactor, Sergio Loewenberg

We’re thrilled to be one of the leading nearshore developers on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest! The Manifest highlights business to business service providers in a blog format, and we’re honored to be rated amongst the world’s best there as well.

Thank you to our many satisfied customers who have left us ratings and reviews on Clutch over the years! If you’re looking for a verified and trusted company to assist with your nearshoring development needs, reach out to us today!

7 clauses to take into account when hiring a mobile application development company

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When companies hire a software development or mobile application company, they pay close attention to the clauses of the contract. This is because most of the parties tend to not go through with their obligations at some point, especially the developers.

The costs of not determining the clauses from the beginning can make the parties enter into legal proceedings from the beginning, therefore, in any software project these are the minimum seven (7) things that must be determined:
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5 signs that your business needs a mobile application

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For a while now, companies entered the trend of using mobile applications in their businesses; however, many of them decided to use them to “be there” and show themselves as innovative companies. But having a mobile application goes far beyond having a platform for informing customers of your products or services; Thinking this is a big mistake, a mobile application should be an investment that generates income and not an expense.

In order to identify urgent and high-impact problems from those that are important but not necessary, there are important decisions that influence not only the costs, but also the efficiency of the company’s processes. In addition, you must consider each variable or signal that tells you when to hire a mobile application development agency.

Identifying problems: the difference between the useful and the necessary

when we go to a consumer electronics store we think differently than when we go to the supermarket, in the first case many times we can postpone the purchase of computers, mobile pho

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6 errors that disrupt the normal flow of a software project

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When a company hires software development services or mobile applications, many mistakes are made both prior to hiring and during the process. However, these errors occur bilaterally, that is to say, not only from the company that offers the service, but also from the contractor.

Just as in any business, every person who participates in a procedure generates friction points, they extend the filters necessary to accomplish a task, and this is how “bottlenecks” are generated.

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8 keyword research tools for effective mobile marketing strategies

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In May of 2015 Google released a document called Mobile App Marketing Insights, it indicated that more than 40% of mobile applications were discovered through the searches in the application store. This is currently a trend, the importance of appearing in the search results made by users, is the pillar of growth for mobile applications.

How can we reach the top positions in a search? In the past and since the existence of Google we talked a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but in the application stores the search tendencies are slightly different, that´s where ASO (App Store Optimization) was created, a way to improve the visibility of mobile applications in stores, alluding to very similar factors for positioning; everything is based on a description with a sense and oriented to certain keywords.

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The 3 steps that companies may follow to cause a technology disruption

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An analysis by the Russell Reynolds Associates indicates that only a 29% of business leaders seek to face the traditional approaches to cause disruption in their companies. Imagine that your business is inside of this percentage. What would happen if “out of the blue sky”, the competitor decrease the friction and cause a disruption in the market which unlock their products or services?

This is something that the organizations need to pay attention, and not only managers must to boost disruptive thoughts, also employees, especially those who work for the development of the technologic model which support a company.

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Real estate is applying chatbot technology to change its business model

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The real estate is an industry that despite getting support from technology, has gone through a phase of little progress. So far the greatest innovation seen in the websites of these kind of companies was the display of multimedia and greater quality data (such as places nearby or 360 views).

When an industry gets stuck, it signals that the value curve that entrepreneurs can offer to their clients can be improved and one of the technologies that is gaining strength in this field is the chatbot, specifically, Facebook Messenger’s bots which are capable not only of providing relevant information or satisfactory customer service, but also turn interested users in potential buyers or tenants.

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Basic guide for App Store Optimization in mobile applications

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Having a mobile application downloaded several times depends on the marketing strategies that a company uses. However, a conclusion is made by analyzing the channels used by most users to find or discover a new application: the search is still essential, and that is why we must pay special attention to those factors to make them appear higher in the results search of app stores.

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