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Case Study Cinemark: Mobile applications for more than 4 countries

Through mobile applications, Cinemark can process thousands of transactions every day in more than 4 countries. We have built both Android application and iOS.

Case Study: Apps for Cinemark


Cinemark is a group of cinemas property of Cinemark Holdings, Inc with a presence in United States, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and other 11 countries.

This company has more than 298 theaters in the United States and more than 161 in Latin America, and SunDevs have accompanied to Cinemark developing native mobile applications to expand the market in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay (soon in all Central America).


When SunDevs started the process of work with Cinemark in Colombia, the company was working with just a small quantity of transactions every month through the webpage.

But the real challenge for which SunDevs was contacted was about the mobile applications for the company, so, SunDevs, in 2012 started the process working with Colombia, and the priority was to increase the number of completed transactions through this channel.


So, in July 2018, the mobile application interfaces were redesigned to improve the user experience and the purchase flow. This involved constant communication with them and our design/UX team, and six months later with our new version, we increased the number of transactions in the mobile application by 100%.

And this was not just due to the design team, our mobile developers worked dedicated to this project to improve the performance of the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Finally, the mobile application for Colombia increased its users by 100% and the other countries increased their users by 50% in 6 months. SunDevs is now working on the release of Kioscos, a new application for all Central America (7 countries) where we will overcome those numbers.

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