Cinemark Case Study: 11 countries using a solid infrastructure


Cinemark is a group of cinemas property of Cinemark Holdings, Inc with a presence in the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and other 11 countries.

This company has more than 298 movie theaters in the United States and more than 161 in Latin America, and SunDevs have worked with Cinemark developing a powerful infrastructure of applications and strategies to expand the market in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and 7 countries in Central America.

Case Study: Apps for Cinemark

Challenges we face

Here is the reason why we were motivated to achieve an increment of more than 50% in the majority of the countries

When SunDevs started to work with Cinemark in Colombia, the company had just a small quantity of transactions every month through the webpage. The initial result was a series of mobile applications for several countries, but quickly the internal operation of Cinemark required tech strategies to make audits into their processes, and also a way to know the status of the infrastructure.

In this way, Cinemark could be able to face effectively two big problems in its operations: bottlenecks caused by errors in processes and respond in a timely manner before any incident. For this, SunDevs provide to Cinemark a complete team specialized in DevOps, native mobile development, user experience, and tech business strategy.

5 different payment gateways

The goal was to integrate more than 5 payment gateways in the same platform to achieve diversity and get the best processing fees.

Develop a platform for more than 11 countries

We needed to create a scalable solution to reuse the base of code, but adapting it to the business rules of each country.

Implement a methodology to align teams

With this challenge, we had to align the teams of Marketing, IT, and customer service to create a functional solution (Kanban was our best friend)

What we delivered

Mobile applications just were a little a part of the work. But after this, the number of the users in Colombia increased by 100%


Our results

In 2018, after the release of the new mobile application of Cinemark, the majority of the countries increased their number of users by 50%.


Transaction per year


Countries using our apps


Active users

SunDevs Inc delivered a stable platform that generated an increase in sales and managed a significant amount of user activity without downtime. The team communicates clearly to support effective collaboration. They are accessible and accommodate changes to project requirements easily.

Technical LeadCinemark

Vertical Insights

After the launch of the mobile applications, Cinemark faced several challenges, such as monitoring web services or audits their internal processes, for this, SunDevs provided new products that are important for the operation of the business.

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