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Case Study Boomerang: Mobile App for an anti-theft device for Bicycles

Boomerang’s CycloTrac is a highly sophisticated system with four key components: the Device, the Cloud, the App, and the Dashboard.

Boomerang Bike


Boomerang Bike is a company with headquarters in Santa Clara, United States, focused on IoT, they created a device with GPS integration to prevent the theft of bicycles.


Creation of a good interface that connects the hardware of Boomerang with mobile devices from users, was the main challenge for both teams.

The Integration of features that were compatible with any quantities of devices was also a challenge, the device needed integration with GPS and Bluetooth to work of the correct way.


The best solution that SunDevs could offer was completely dedicated developers and designers team to work with Boomerang team.

SunDevs created mobile solutions for Android and iOS able to have good integration with the hardware and offer the best user experience to allow users to use the mobile app easily without getting tutoring.

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