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3 Cases where the “Back-end as a service” may fail

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The popularity of BaaS (Back-end as a service) is such that many companies nowadays choose to use it, FireBase being one of the most used. The advantages of implementing it are mentioned very often, with time saving development being one of the most outstanding.

However, not all companies or projects are eligible to implement BaaS; and although each case is particular, there are three (3) consequences that usually occur and result in disadvantage in these cases:

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Subcontracting in the development of mobile applications: advantages and disadvantages you should know

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Subcontracting is one of the most widespread practices in the technology industry. When companies want to develop applications for themselves or their clients, they have the possibility to do it “in-house”, but they will require some key pieces to perform this task, like a human resources department that finds people with the necessary talent.

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Why the company you hired to develop your software isn’t doing things right

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Imagine the following scenario: you have a problem in your company and want to hire the services of a software development provider, you talk to them and approve the proposal that you’ve been sent, about three months later things are not going well, the application has been delivered on time but with a lot of bugs, users complain in the app store and leave negative ratings. What’s the solution? You now have to hire another company to redesign the application and therefore the initial estimated costs have increased, sound familiar?

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