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SunDevs Inc Maintains Perfect 5.0-Star Ratings and Reviews Average on Clutch

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Here at SunDevs Inc, we understand the importance of turning around a quality product in an affordable, quick, and high-quality manner. Nearshoring has garnered attention in recent years because of the cultural and geographic proximity, the enthusiastic workforce, potential tax savings, ability to work longer hours in the same time-zone, and more. We’ve been a hub of software developers seeking to nearshore software development for years, and have maintained a perfect 5.0-star rating on Clutch!

Clutch is the world’s preeminent ratings and reviews platform. Located steps away from the American Capitol in the heart of Washington D.C., Clutch has a dedicated team of analysts who conduct interviews with independently verified clients from all the corners of the world. Then, their team of editors curates and edits the content in the form of case studies, so that you can feel confident in the reviews you read and understand your B2B service provider. Clutch is the gold standard of B2B service providers ratings and reviews, and you should never hire a B2B service provider without checking them out first.

That’s why we love to highlight and emphasize our perfect 5.0-star reviews on Clutch! In a recent interview, the CTO of San Jose, California based Iotini reviewed our mobile app development work on iOS and Android for their IoT Solution Company. In the review, they describe how every application we delivered has exceeded all expectations and requirements! They discuss how we’re committed to our work, communicate responsively, and have become a valuable partner to their firm.

“With the help of SunDevs Inc, we always achieve what we set out to do.” ~ CTO, Iotini

In another review, the Director of Miami Florida-based Leapfactor, Sergio Loewenberg, described our app development for his business SaaS firm. He talked about how our solution successfully met specifications with minimal issues or required oversite, emphasizing how our adherence to milestones, efficient problem-solving process, and reliable internal management ensured a functional product.

“SunDevs did a good job of estimating and delivering tested code.” ~ Director of Leapfactor, Sergio Loewenberg

We’re thrilled to be one of the leading nearshore developers on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest! The Manifest highlights business to business service providers in a blog format, and we’re honored to be rated amongst the world’s best there as well.

Thank you to our many satisfied customers who have left us ratings and reviews on Clutch over the years! If you’re looking for a verified and trusted company to assist with your nearshoring development needs, reach out to us today!