Is it convenient to use services like Buildfire to develop your mobile application?

Many startups and even companies often use tools to streamline the creation of solutions that require a mobile application within their business model. These tools, despite having limitations, are very functional for certain companies.

BuildFire is one of the services that is currently used for the fast creation of mobile applications, it has advanced features that even access hardware to increase the functionality of the application.

BuildFire is basically a cloud service that allows you to easily build mobile applications through predesigned templates that can be customized. Some of its best features are:

You don’t have to write a single line of code (except for plugins)

Building an interface in BuildFire is done from a very intuitive panel where one chooses which components to integrate into the application or simply customize the templates that the same service provides. Of course, for the more advanced users it is possible to write your own plugins; this is a very attractive feature for companies.

There are dozens of plugins!

There are many additional features that can be added to applications created with BuildFire, for example, you can interact with the GPS of the device, add chat, forms, shopping carts or even work with integrations of Shopify and Woo-Commerce.

Integrated push notifications

One of the most used features in mobile applications are “Push notifications”, and BuildFire brings its own implementation, allowing users to segment and send messages to their specific groups.

What are the advantages of using BuildFire in a business application?

The advantages depend a lot on the type of project, but in simple terms we can distribute the advantages in 5:

● The development time is considerably reduced; it can go from days up to a few weeks as long as all the requirements have already been defined.

● You don’t need to spend a lot of money, because it is possible to have access to the service just with a monthly subscription; In brief, the costs are reduced.

● You do not need a large team of people to use this tool.

● There is no need to think about complex infrastructures.

Everything that has already been mentioned is based on the fact that the application doesn’t need a very profound use of hardware characteristics or data storage and management, since this is when it is preferable to use a development from scratch.

What are the disadvantages?

● It isn’t possible to create complex applications for file management or management of advanced data that require specific infrastructures.

● The application is not totally native, so the performance can be seen affected.

● There is no total control of the application design or functionalities.

● There is exclusive dependence on the platform to make other changes.

Although the “App Maker” type platforms have become very popular, they are still focused on small businesses, for example in: restaurants, real estate, clothing stores, etc., therefore this type of service isn’t suitable for all companies.

Overall, its use should be avoided when:

● It requires managing or dealing with various API’s and managing large amounts of data from the same web application.

● The performance of the application must be optimal.

● A very personalized interface is needed.

Although the Buildfire interface is a debatable issue, since it can be easily edited, you can’t always control it in its entirety, so interfaces with complex animations cannot be done with this tool.

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