Real estate is applying chatbot technology to change its business model

The real estate is an industry that despite getting support from technology, has gone through a phase of little progress. So far the greatest innovation seen in the websites of these kind of companies was the display of multimedia and greater quality data (such as places nearby or 360 views).

When an industry gets stuck, it signals that the value curve that entrepreneurs can offer to their clients can be improved and one of the technologies that is gaining strength in this field is the chatbot, specifically, Facebook Messenger’s bots which are capable not only of providing relevant information or satisfactory customer service, but also turn interested users in potential buyers or tenants.

The chatbots are software applications that, by the means of using artificial intelligence, are enabled to communicate with people and keep coherent conversations, handling customer service situations today, being this the main purpose they’re being used for.

¿What can chatbots give to the Real Estate industry?

Certainly, most companies could think that a Chatbot won’t generate an income for the company, but that’s far from truth, every day Internet users prefer faster and more concise communication that allows them to solve situations that in many occasions create bottlenecks due to human failure factor (slowness, disponibility, capacity, etc).

Customer Service

Chatbots are totally prepared for this, over all to do it for prolonged periods of time, something very relevant in the Real Estate industry since not every client has the same time availability to talk with an assessor.

Beside what we’ve already described, the possibility to answer almost any question the client has about a property for sale o rent, delivers a whole base of knowledge that a Real Estate assessor couldn’t always have.

Appointment scheduling with reminders

If a company can put the human factor aside, it will be able to build a scalable technological infrastructure. Having the capacity to schedule appointments with possible clients besides generating reminders is one of the most valued functionalities.

Capture Prospects

Chatbots are always answering questions, this allows them to keep track of the client profiles, then later on choose a property that best suits the client’s needs.

People usually doesn’t like filling in difficult formularies, but having a Facebook Messenger conversation is no problem, thus being ideal for converting prospects into clients.

¿What problems can a bot solve in the Real Estate industry?

A bot can not only solve bottleneck problems, it can also improve processes that can be a decisive factor in between spending thousands or hundreds of dollars a month. So, how is this possible? Let’s see:

  1. ¡No more humans in your business! The eternal problem of having to pay too many wages to people answering questions to clients.
  2. 24/7 Disponibility: The bot is always available to answer questions.
  3. Great knowledge about the properties: Real Estate agents can always forget a relevant fact that they could answer with to a client, on the other side a bot is a whole knowledge base with high disponibility.

¿Who is implementing bots in the industry?

This technology does not go unseen, many companies and startups are successfully implementing it:


It’s one of the most popular, it was implemented on August 2016, it allows you to get relevant information on a property or even get daily search updates.


They dedicate to the creation of virtual assistants to find properties available for sale or rent. Besides, it’s very well configured to answer questions such as: ¿How many beds does a property have? Or even asking who the proprietaire is.


Real Estate companies must understand one thing, it is that having a machine with the capacity to interact with other humans does not imply bad customer service, bots today are incredibly advanced and they’re able to sustain coherent conversations as long as the variables have been correctly set.

Aside from that, it can be an effective costs saving that increases the performance of the business.

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