4 brands that use Facebook Messenger bots for your business strategy and what you can learn from them

By 22 July, 2019Technology

A survey that was conducted by Oracle shows that about 80% of brands have plans to implement chatbots or have them implemented within their marketing and sales strategy. If we dig a little we can see that some of the largest and most successful companies have not doubted to make it part of their product distribution channel or content. Let’s see how they have done it:

CNN: News Headed by an Assistant

CNN has chosen to offer personalized news to its users, what is really useful for anyone to use? The option to be able to ask a bot about any topic. With the use of sensuous words, we will be able to find out news specific to a country, a person or a specific event.

For now it offers the possibility of receiving a quick summary for some news to have to leave the conversation of Facebook Messenger, for other news if we provide a link to read it directly on the CNN website.

Disney: Talk to the characters!

Without any doubt one of the most feasible Digital Marketing strategies that brands can choose is to offer the opportunity to their followers the option of being able to chat with characters from a series or movie. Disney incorporated this strategy with some characters from an animated film; players could interact with the zootopia police department (this is the name of the movie) should help solve various cases.

This they achieved through a company called imperson, which on their website show some very interesting statistics about their projects, such as; that the majority of conversations lasted between 4 and 9 minutes or that there were about 13 interactions in each of them.

The main character with which the users had the possibility to interact was the official Judy Hopp, of the film Zootopia.

Domino’s Pizza: Customer service and online ordering without human interaction

The food industry is not far behind in the implementation of chatbots, in fact it is one of the most profitable in this field. The possibility of ordering food without having the need to interact with other humans, avoiding also the long lines and other common bottlenecks, in this type of services is reduced to a few steps that the bots are able to simplify.

Customization of orders, the ability to make payments through the web and a much faster customer service are some of the trends we will see in this industry led by the bots.

Spotify: One more channel to discover

One of the point where Spotify has always been leader is in their system of recommendations. Weekly recommends several albums based on our existing musical tastes. In addition to that we can find songs for various occasions, and this is precisely what can be found in the Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Entering in a much more traditional field, this bot allows us to share songs in our Facebook profiles or also see the musical trends that are within the application.

Are chatbots really helping brands?

In the cases that we have seen so far, we can conclude that there are three things that chatbots have achieved and that is very difficult to achieve with other technological services such as mobile applications or web pages:


Chatbots are able to encourage Users to explore about more services or products brands, the intrinsic ability of bots to deliver information is a major turning point for a user to become a qualified customer. CNN has good knowledge about this, for this reason allows users to know personalized news. Customizing what we consume today is a very valuable feature!


Users are full of advertising today, if they can memorize our brand is a great achievement for marketing agencies, if those users return and have an experience to remember is an indicator of success which can be improved by Chatbots .


This may be a feature related to the “commitment” that users have with our brand. Making customers address ourselves and not the competition is one of the biggest challenges that companies must overcome; spotify is a great example of this, have generated a new channel in which users should no longer be inside the application, but can use Facebook Messenger to find trends or musical recommendations.

What opportunities do we find?

With chatbots it is possible to use some traditional selling techniques such as “Upselling”, in which it is possible to offer the user an extension of his order in order to make a sale much more profitable, this can be very typical of the chain Of Subway restaurants.

Another value that the chatbots offer to companies are personalized assistance. The user is able to provide a few data of his and therefore the bot will deliver recommendations based on the information received. The best part is that it could be developed to remind you of all of this, which will allow for a better experience the next time it is used.

What other examples of well-known brands do you know that have used the bots to innovate your business model?

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